All About Us

Bringing people to the table since its inception, THE FAMILY KITCHEN (TFK) Catering Company is a family owned business based out of Chennai, committed to providing handcrafted food and exceptional service at affordable prices.

Our motto is to serve quality vegetarian dishes in innovative styles for social and corporate events in addition to providing everydat luncheon and snacks.

Knowing very well that Food plays a vital role in converting any event into a memorable one, we provide an extensive menu, with the option of customizing the dishes as per client requirement. Our star chefs are having their own unique style and methods to steal the heart of the customers with the taste of their vegetarian dishes.

Variety, Quality, Taste, Elegance and Best Quote;  This is the Mantra behind our Success.


The Family Kitchen is not just a food company. Cultivating relationships is what we do – it’s the core of who we are, our source of inspiration and an ever present reminder of why we love our jobs. Whether a client or internal employee, a vendor or local farmer, these connections are key to our innovation, creativity, culinary insight, and most importantly, to satisfying our Clients.

Whether it’s designing an innovative menu based on consumer insights or serving what’s-on-our-platter, we have the right people with the right skills,

Our approach is Simple and Holistic:

Craft chef-inspired menus with high-quality ingredients,

Encourage healthier living with nutritious options, 

Offer convenience that fits different lifestyles, 

Enable personalized experiences through exceptional service

We do all of this with a singular goal: to provide great food experiences that go beyond what’s expected From  casual to formal we help  make your event fabulous!




Started in a very humble way, THE FAMILY KITCHEN has now grown into a full-fledged catering company satisfying the catering needs of Individuals, Schools, Colleges, Social Events and Business Organisations. Our holistic approach towards understanding the needs of our clients, a healthy daily and customized service have all contributed towards the success and growth of THE FAMILY KITCHEN.


Next Steps…

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